The Schauss Kitchen is an interactive body of work that addresses the psychological and physiological responses to the specific color Baker-Miller Pink. The installation is comprised of found objects, sculpture, and performance which explore visceral awareness in relation to this pink, a color scientifically proven to suppress aggression and appetite. Initially demonstrated in the 1978 Dr. Alexander Schauss study, a subject exposed to this color for 15 minutes will eventually become calm, physically weaker in strength, and experience a loss of appetite. With Cookbook, Reynolds addresses the Schauss study by presenting the “reader” with 800 bound pages printed entirely in Baker-Miller Pink, curbing his hunger with each page turned instead of whetting his appetite. The site-specific found objects in The Schauss Kitchen coated in Baker-Miller pink are at once rendered useless and unnecessary, now pink shadows of dietary preparation. With Carrel Mirror, Reynolds references the precise size of the poster and study carrel used by Schauss, displaying a triptych of 18x24 inch pink mirrors. Working beyond the original poster, Carrel Mirror forces the viewer past mere exposure to Baker-Miller Pink and into literal self-reflection, bathing the viewer and his immediate surroundings in the rosy tint.


Cooking Shows
digital video with Baker-Miller Pink filter
duration 1:57 hours (loop)