Returning to the 14th century French etymology of the word refreschement, this new body of interactive work addresses the act of refreshing - a means of restoring mental and spiritual strength, energy or vigor. Similar to the water cooler or occasional cigarette break, the modern refreshment table has become an informal destination for nourishment and dialogue, both of which serve as escapes from the intended purpose for the gathering.  Refreshment Monument #1 mimics the dimensions of the typical folding table ubiquitously found at town halls, addiction group meetings, church functions, school events, and other civic gatherings.  The “table” stands at only 10 inches tall, presenting the participant with a dais that may be used as a personal and political public platform, referencing portable stages, soapboxes, and other oratorical apparatuses. Lacking tangible food and drink, the table instead showcases a photographic floor decal depicting a generic refreshment table set for an unspecified gathering. Serving as both a monument to the often overlooked element present at these events and a literal platform for discourse, Refreshment Monument #1 invites viewers to occupy the space not to nourish one’s body but instead to speak one’s mind - proclaim, protest, proselytize, gossip or vent - ultimately offering a space to “refresh.” 

Participants are invited to interact with the table.